PSX Planting Monitor

The PSX is the leader brand on this segment of market. It has the necessary for planting monitoring in addition to a GPS antenna. Besides the simplicity, all the technology and reliability of a Pro Solus product.

The monitors of PSX serie have a GPS (Global Position System) antenna, checking the precision on your hectometer total and partial, informing the area and the time worked(total and partial), the quantity of seed per meter that had been planted, the speed of the tractor and finally a voltmeter to check the battery and alternator state.

Allied to SS-55 seed sensor the installation can be easily and safety done on most of farm planters. Along with warns the driver in case of: seed average per meter failure, line without a seed slow, high speed and connections or cable breaks.


– Automatic register of lines;
– Expansible system up to 80 sensors;
– Water and Dust resistance;
– Seed count per meter and per row;
– Adaptative to any model of planter or tractor;
– Back-light that allows nighttime planting;
– Speedometer
– Hectometer and horimetre;
– Seed population;
– Voltmeter;
– GPS system.



Manual PSX – VER 3.0