mPOP Planting Monitor

The mPOP is the best cost-benefit planting monitor of the market. It does perfectly menage its function and it’s accessible to all farmers.

With an innovator and compact design, the mPOP monitor the flow seed and also the products used in the planter lines, that ensure total reliability and security during planting time.

Allied to SS-55 seed sensor the installation can be easily and safety done on most of farm planters.

This product has been developed with the aim to promote the use of planting monitor, to became the most sold planting monitor all time.


– Automatic register of lines;
– Expansible system up to 80 sensors;
– Water and Dust resistance;
– Adaptative to any model of planter or tractor;
– Back-light that allows nighttime planting.



Manual mPOP – VER 3.8