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Camera System

          MaxView is a Camera System for Tractors, Combines, Trucks and any other agricultural implement. Use it to see those crucial points on your machine that can not be seen from inside the cabin.

          Monitor the operation of gears, pulleys, identifying malfunctions, start a fire or simply use it to assist in maneuvering large machinery.

          This system relies on cameras with IP67 protection, resistant to water and dust. The cameras are made of cast aluminum, which prevents corrosion, and are compact, for installation at strategic points.


- Monitors 7 "color LCD and touchscreen;

- Use up to 4 cameras,

- Infrared vision for night use;

- DVR (optional);

- Pro Solus’s monitoring cameras Maxview are adaptable to the Trimble´s CFX750 monitor (for 2 cameras) and John-Deere’s Green Star GS3 terminal (for 3 cameras).


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