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Planting Monitor

          The MPX is simple equipment with leading monitoring capabilities planting, with the addition of full and partial integrated and area meter, stating the area and hours worked.

          Uses a microprocessor to control its functions that, besides improving its performance, makes it fully automatic.

          Allied to seed sensors SS-55, the installation is done easily and securely on most planters.

          The warning signal is issued in cases of: flow failure, failure in the connections, speed nonstandard set of cables and disruption.


- Automatic registration of lines;

- Expandable System up to 80 sensors;

- Water and dust resistant;

- Adaptable to any planter or cultivator;

- Backlight allowing nighttime planting;

- Speed ??Planting;

- Area and hour meter;

- Population of seeds;

- Voltmeter;

- GPS.


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