TS Farm Sprayers

Attached to the tractor or to the planter, the TS Pro Solus line of sprayers apply directly into the groove field: inoculation, pesticides, biologic products, micro-nutrients, among others. On a rationally and uniformly way. This Technology ensure the best use of products for seeds treatment, increasing the application efficient therefore your productivity.The TS sprayers are available in two models of pressure systems, electrical and hydraulic system.

ELECTRICAL: The equipment has an arrangement with 12Volts pumps, activated by the tractor electrical system.
It performs excellent results on biological and micro-nutrients of low density application.

HYDRAULIC: The equipment has an arrangement of pumps which works using the tractor’s hydraulic system. It perform higher agitation and pressurization in the system, that results on a better application of biologic products, pesticides, macro and micro-nutrients.

For both, it is important to follow the orientation of an agronomist engineer by the time the product is been used.


TS 250 Elétrico TS 650 Hidráulico TS 1200 Hidráulico TS 2200 Hidráulico


Manual TS – VER 3.0