Find out or DUX 10, or new GPS guide from Pro Solus. Equipped with new functionalities and innovative design, the DUX 10 allows easy removal of the panel so that you have a greater flexibility of work, remaining fully functional at a distance of at least 20m from your base.

A 10″ high-gloss fabric with touchscreen technology allows a better visualization of information, an agile and intuitive interaction, increasing time and allowing fast actions during or planting.


– Record and visualization of the history of two jobs carried out;
– Export files to PDF format;
– Perform work on lines, curves and adaptive curve;
– Measurement of worked areas;
– Possibilita retake of work;
– Configurations of the overlapping area between lines;
– Options for or control of seções;
– Options for selecting the format of the guidance guide;
– Options for Language selection;
– Options to select the GPS mode;
– 10-pole colorful fabric;
– Painel with touchscreen technology;
– Free automatic updates on-line.


Manual DUX 10 – 2ª Edição