Application rate controller CHAMELEON

With the Chameleon Rate Controller you turn your sprayer into a smart device. The Camaleão Controller has a valve command that makes it possible to configure the desired application rate, the electronic system automatically adjusts the application, providing more accuracy regardless of the work speed. Simple and easy to operate, all information can be viewed on the panel display, which is installed inside the tractor cab. The Camaleão Controller can be installed in all models of sprayers, providing more economy, precision and safety in the application of products in your farm.

– Adapts to any model of sprayer on the market;
– Easy equipment calibration;
– Economy, better use of working time;
– Monitoring of application quality;
– Best cost/benefit ratio in the market;
– Valve command with sections;
– System and electronic control;
– GPS antenna for speed reading;
– Dashboard for data monitoring.



Composição do Kit Camaleão – VER 1.2