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The Pro Solus do Brasil is a genuine technological brazilian company which, since 2003, manufacture products for precision agriculture and offers solutions to the farmer reduce his costs with production and increase is profitability, either planting or spraying.

Our mainly products are the planting monitors which avoid wastes on production, GPS guidance that optimizes the use of resources, a camera system to support the operation of tractors, loaders or any other planting equipment plus prevent accidents and farming sprayers for products appliance on grooves for farming, that allows the appliance of liquid farm inputs integrated to the field.

Our premise is to provide the best cost-benefit to customers, so when we talk about investment, what we must ensure is the return through the benefit generated.


To provide electromechanical equipment with the best quality and cost benefit for our clients.


To bring PRO SOLUS a global reference brand of quality and cost benefit brand on precision agriculture.


Quality, Credibility, Responsibility, Sense of Justice, Innovation and intern-satisfaction.

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